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Anne Mumm

Relax, Refresh, Rejuvenate


     by Anne

Full Body Massages

Enjoy the long classic flowing strokes of this deeply relaxing massage.  The gentle rhythmic strokes promote increased circulation, detoxification and stress reduction. 

A light to medium pressure massage.

50-minute $70    80-minute $100

Swedish Massage                   

Therapeutic massage adds deeper slower strokes and firmer pressure.  Combining Swedish, Trigger Point, Reflexology and fascia releasing techniques.  This type of massage may include elbows and knuckles to release the tension and knotted areas of the muscles, allowing fresh blood and oxygen to flow into the area. 


50-minute $70    80-minute $100

Therapeutic Massage

A deeply relaxing massage which incorporates the heat from warmed stones to sooth away tensions. 

Warm heated stones placed on specific points of the body deeply penetrate the muscles while other heated, oiled stones are used with the gentle gliding strokes of Swedish massage. 

A wonderfully  relaxing and detoxifying massage. 

Text Box: 60-minute $90

Hot Stone

15-minute $20    25–minute $35

Head, Neck & Shoulders

· Head, Neck & Shoulders

This massage is performed while the client is fully clothed, sitting in a chair designed specifically for massage of the upper body, mainly the head, neck and shoulders.  This stress relieving massage is a great quick way to get a break from the everyday stresses and strains of the world.